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Judy Watts Swim School evolved in the 70’s specialising in the early development and safety of babies to pre-schoolers in the aquatic environment.

Having spent their first nine months in amniotic fluid, babies are already familiar with an aquatic environment. This transition should be a natural progression from the womb to the home (shower) to the swimming pool.

Infant programs are developmentally designed to enhance motor and social skills. During the lesson, we encourage parents to work on stimulating some of babies most important senses, touch, vision and audio which strengthens the bond between baby and parent.

For children four years and under, our program focuses on building confidence, mobility and safe pool practices in and around the water. Drowning statistics show this is the age group most at risk and hence the emphasis on survival and safety skills.

Judy is passionate in her belief in the need to educate children and parents on safety in and around the water, receiving the Outstanding Achievers Award for her work in this area. Judy is the author of eight international DVDs, a book “Discovering Water – Baby’s First Swimming Lessons” and a Pool Safety Program – “Cool Pool Rules”. Her specialty area is babies from birth to 12 months. Releasing her Warm Water Program – “Aqua Movement” in  2005, the program combines movement and floatation, creating a sense of well-being for both parent and baby. Judy has been a leading force internationally in the design and implementation of Infant & Pool Safety Programs and Teacher Education.



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