“Kaitlin is two years old and started swimming lessons at 12 weeks old at Judy Watts Swim School.

Having access to a dam on my parent’s property we believed it was paramount to create an education program for Kaitlin. Judy was extremely helpful in creating and teaching me different methods to educate Kaitlin with water awareness and safety. She explained it to me in a way that was simple and made sense. Just the same as not crossing the black line at swimming lessons, Kaitlin is not allowed to cross the green astro turf near the dam. The large dam is used for water skiing and she plays happily no more than a metre from the water’s edge with no interest in entering the lake at all. This is because she has been taught not to!  Judy also enlightened me to an amazing device called the Turtle Watch which is an armband that has a water sensor and a home alarm point.

The experience at Judy Watts Swim School has not only been educational but also fun and friendly.

It is like playgroup but better! The staff are lovely, helpful and consistent which is what every child needs. When we began swimming lessons we lived five minutes down the road, but now it takes me half an hour to get there but I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Kaitlin has responded very positively to the teaching methods of Judy’s school. This again I believe is due to the staff and their wonderful personalities and the consistency in their teachings. Judy knows when it is time to work and learn and when it is time to play and have fun.  Our experience has been positive since the minute I sent an e-mail enquiry! The facility is family- friendly, clean and has a wonderful motto of “educate don’t just shut the gate” which applies true to my situation.

I have and do recommend anyone with children to attend swimming with Judy Watts Swim School.”

Kristal Wilkings, mother of Kaitlin, 2


Hi Judy,

I have been meaning to send this for a while but haven’t got around to it. I really want to say thank you to all of the teachers, and in particular Dave, as I have watched how well Cooper is progressing in the pool and with his general confidence.

Cooper has always been quite shy and sensitive particularly with new people and situations. Watching how you all support and coach him in the pool has been a great experience for me. Quite often I will see Cooper get left out at things like Playgroup etc because he is the quiet one, however I have seen how Dave will give Cooper just that little bit of extra encouragement or pat on the back here and there to boost his confidence and I can see it making a big difference for Cooper. I think it is wonderful that all of you are very aware of each child’s needs and cater to those where possible and practical. I have really seen Cooper coming out of his shell and developing much more confidence, so thank you for your part in that!

Obviously  Cooper spends most of his time with Dave so I want to really extend my thanks to him for his thoughtfulness and encouragement, but of course I think you are all great and even when we attend the make ups I see the support for him and he is never forced to do something he is not comfortable with.

Josie of  course is doing well and has a lot more confidence with new people, but again thank you for teaching them to swim and have respect for water.


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